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The Death Of Spin

Charts the rise and fall of the spin culture of the last two decades… Every decade has its own identity, key values and needs

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A zeitgeist work that captures the quest for meaning in the current age and a desire to progress beyond the heady days of spin culture

Author offers a unique perspective with insights both as the giver and receiver of spin.

Charts the history and rationale of spin throughout society from the early days of Margaret Thatcher to the death of spin in the hands of the masters of the spin culture

Interspersed with the author's own diary entries as a journalist covering major events of the past twenty years Discusses methods of communication, how they reflect the values of the age and the relationship between business and politics Discusses the way ahead how politicians, businesses and institutions can communicate with the general population in the post spin age

He examines methods of communication as a reflection of and within the context of the values of society and the process of democracy, before drawing on his considerable experience both as the giver and receiver of spin, to examine how we can move beyond the age of spin

In this fascinating and highly readable work George Pitcher tells the story of the rise and fall of the spin culture, predicting its final death in the early years of the twenty first century

Somewhere in these polished communications the message was lost

The 1990s were the age of spin, when the materialism of the 1980s, the desire for instant communication and soundbite democracy came together in the spin culture

This spread throughout society from business and politics even to charities and the church